We WARRANTY our workmanship on all new jobs with materials / glass installed by us for a period of one year unless otherwise stated. For sealed unit replacements, we provide a manufacturer’s limited warranty of ten years on the seal. This means if the sealed unit has failed, and moisture is in the unit, the manufacturer will warranty it. The manufacturer does not warranty any damage to the unit, i.e. cracks in the glass not identified immediately upon installation.

Skylight Warranties:

Our new Pressure Plate and TBar Skylights and Glass Canopies are warrantied for one year on workmanship and materials for single glazing unless otherwise stated and one year on workmanship and ten years manufacturer’s warranty if we are installing double glazed sealed units unless otherwise stated.

Skylight Leak Repairs: SKYLIGHTS that have not been purchased or installed by us will not be covered under our one-year workmanship or materials warranty or guarantee. We provide a Skylight Service Call which includes an inspection of the skylight and a leak repair service which includes caulking. Our charge for that particular service is $200.00 + tax, flat fee for a one hour service call. If the job requires more time, you will be advised before we start the job of the additional costs to do the repair and charged an additional $90 per man per hour. No Guarantee, No Warranty when servicing client’s existing skylights not originally installed or purchased from us.

Additional Warranties on Sealed Units:

Sealed units have a limited ten-year warranty from the manufacturer if the seal has failed. Damages that occur to the glass after the fact are not covered under this warranty.

Warranties are only valid if the invoice has been paid in full and you are the original owner of the home, more specifically, the person who contracted the work from us listed on the estimate. Warranties are not transferred from owner to owner. If we do an installation on your home and you sell it and are no longer the registered owner of the home, the warranty does not transfer to the new owner.

All our employees are covered under WCB and we carry Liability Insurance.